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Music Theory for Beginners

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Welcome, I’m Rachel!

I’ve been playing piano since I was 3 years old, and I was trained by my dad who went to Julliard School of Music. I love sharing my passion for the piano with others! Read more about me here.

Easy Piano Chords

D Major piano chord
E Major Piano Chord
F Major Piano Chord
G Major Piano Chord
How to Play: A Major Piano Chord
How to Play: B Major Piano Chord

Intermediate Piano Chords

a flat major chord piano
E flat major piano chord
b flat major chord piano
ultimate guide to diminished chords on the piano
How to Play the D Flat Major Piano Chord with inversions
ultimate guide to augmented chords on piano

Piano Scales

c major scale
d major scale
e major scale
f major scale
g major scale
a major scale
b major scale
Db major scale piano
Eb major scale piano