Music Theory

Learn music theory the easy way! Here you will find ultimate guides to piano chords, scales, and all things having to do with theory on the piano!

f minor chord piano

F Minor Piano Chord & Inversions: Fm, Fm/Ab, Fm/C

Want to learn how to play the F minor chord on the piano? I have you covered! F minor is a deeply sad chord that is found in lots of different musical compositions and even popular songs sometimes. Keep reading for keyboard diagrams, fingering help, inversions, and more!

c minor chord piano

C Minor Piano Chord & Inversions: Cm, cm/Eb, Cm/G

Learn how to play the C minor chord on the piano with easy keyboard tutorials, fingerings, and more! The C minor chord is a sad sounding chord with one flat in the center. If you already know one of the most common chords on the piano (C Major) you should definitely try out C minor!

d minor chord piano

D Minor Piano Chord & Inversions: dm, dm/f, dm/a

A classic minor chord to learn is D minor! The D minor piano chord is is a truly melancholy chord. D minor is on the mellower side, being a flat key rather than a sharp key. The good news is that it is also very easy to learn if you’re a beginner!

b minor chord piano

B Minor Piano Chord & Inversions: bm, bm/D, Bm/F#

The B minor chord is easy enough to learn and play on the piano! This is our first minor chord with a sharp directly in it. But don’t let that scare you! B minor uses the same fingerings as other minor chords. With a little practice, you’ll get it down in no time.

E minor chord piano

E Minor Piano Chord & Inversions: Em, Em/G, Em/B

After you learn the A minor chord, a great stepping stone is to learn the E minor piano chord next! The E minor chord also has zero sharps in the chord, but in the key it has 1 sharp (so it will be easy to learn other chords in the key as well).

a minor chord piano

A Minor piano chord & inversions: Am, Am/C, Am/E

The first minor chord many people learn on the piano is the A minor chord! This easy minor chord is the relative of C major, making it a great first chord to learn if you are into playing pop songs or worship songs.