Rachel Counts is a piano teacher of 10 years, trained under the guidance of Les Counts, MM Julliard. She specializes in the language of music theory and chords, and enjoys playing on her church's worship team in her free time. She also loves playing romantic piano pieces and improvising whenever she gets the chance! One thing is sure: Rachel is never far from a piano!

Carol of the Bells Easy Piano Sheet Music!

FREE Carol of the Bells Sheet Music – Easy Piano

Are you looking for an easy version of Carol of the Bells Sheet Music to play on the piano? I’ve got you covered! This is a version that I have taught to many beginner and intermediate piano students.

Best Gifts for Piano Players

Best Gifts for Piano Players (Written by a Pianist!)

Are you wondering what is the perfect gift for the piano player in your life? There are so many wonderful things you can buy that a pianist is sure to appreciate. As a pianist myself, I am excited to show you what those things are!