Come Thou Fount Chords: PDF charts in 3 Keys!

Experience the beautiful old hymn “Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing” anew when you play it using a chord chart! If you’re looking for Come Thou Fount chords, I’ve got you covered with 3 keys and 2 different versions (for piano & guitar!)

Come Thou Fount has always been a favorite hymn of mine. It has such a beautiful melody, and it is perfect for improvising on the piano or guitar.

So let’s learn all about the chords to Come Thou Fount Of Every Blessing!

Keep reading for tips and information on different versions, or scroll to the bottom for chord charts (on site & PDF).

Come Thou Fount Chord Progression

When playing Come Thou Fount on any instrument, there are quite a few chord progressions you can use.

As with most old hymns, this one has been arranged many different ways, by many different people.

We’ll talk more about the progressions that I used in my chord charts soon. But first, let’s take a look at some arrangements of Come Thou Fount and the chords other people use!

The Original Hymn

The original version of Come Thou Fount in the hymnal is actually not too complex.

It is in the Key of D, and it stays within the chords of this key, without venturing into any secondary dominants.

One interesting note is that the hymn includes no minor chords. It only uses the D chord, G chord, and A chord (along with inversions of each).

Now that said, although this version is pretty easy, it only works for people who can read sheet music or figure out the chords from the music.

Shane & Shane

A beautiful contemporary version of Come Thou Fount is arranged by Shane & Shane.

This one is a bit slower and contemplative, with a bridge added. The chords are pretty standard, but they do vary from the original on the second part of every verse (a few B minor chords and a D/F# is added!) Take a listen and see if you can hear it!

Chris Tomlin

Come Thou Fount done by Chris Tomlin is also a slower version, led by guitar. This one has an added chorus.

The chord progression is also pretty standard, staying with D, G, A, and Bm.

kings kaleidoscope

A very unique version of this song can be found by Kings Kaleidoscope! They change up the rhythm and chords quite a bit.

While the other 2 versions have stuck to the same chords at the beginning of each verse, this version goes from D, then straight to B minor, something we haven’t seen yet so far.

Take a listen to this on Spotify here!

Mercy Me

One last version we’ll look at is by MercyMe. I enjoyed this version! The chords are pretty standard, with just a few variations, again on the second part of each verse. They go to G, then B minor, rather than the other way around like many versions.

Interestingly, some of the lyrics are changed up as well.

Chords I Decided to Use

The chords that are included in my chord charts are very similar to some of the above versions! But the funny thing about this song is you can use the same chords but in different orders. There’s so many ways to arrange it, even when you only use 5 chords total!

I have provided two different versions of Come Thou Fount, as you will see soon. One of them is super easy, only using the simplest versions of chords. This is perfect for beginning pianists and guitarists.

Chords used in this version: I, IV, V, vi, ii

The other version mixes it up a bit and adds some chord inversions, suspensions, and seventh chords.

Chords used in this version: I, IV, IV2, V, vi, ii7 (and also some inversions)

Tips For Playing Come Thou Fount

Let’s talk about some tips for using the chord charts to play on piano and guitar! You can easily improvise and make it your own in lots of ways.

On Piano

A good way to start playing Come Thou Fount on the piano is to play the specified chord in your right hand, along with the root of the chord in your left hand.

But you don’t have to stop there! You can do little fills and riffs in the right hand, or play the melody. You can also do a pattern of root, 5th, and root in the left hand.

Here is an example of how to play this on the piano with the chord chart (come subscribe to my YouTube channel for more!)

On Guitar or Ukulele

On guitar or ukulele, there are a variety of strumming patterns you can use. I recommend listening closely to the versions we looked at above—they actually show quite a few different ones you can try!

Come Thou Fount Chord Charts

Without further ado, let’s get to the chord charts! Below you will find chord charts in 3 different keys.

There are also 2 VERSIONS. The first is the piano/intermediate version, that uses more chords.

After seeing the 3 keys of the piano version, you’ll see the guitar version, which is easier and switches chords less often.

You can view ALL of these directly on this website through the images, OR you can download a PDF that includes all the versions, perfect for easy printing.

Scroll down to the very bottom if you want the PDF. 🙂

Key of C (Piano/Intermediate)

Playing Come Thou Fount in C major is a good option if you are new to chords/chord charts. The chords are all pretty simple. And since the original key is D, the range for singing won’t be much different.

come thou fount piano chord chart C major

Key of D (Piano/Intermediate)

D major is definitely a classic for this song! As the original key, this is one of the most popular.

come thou fount piano chord chart D major

Key of G (Piano/Intermediate)

Lastly, here is the piano chords in G major. Keep in mind the singing range will be much higher on this one.

come thou fount piano chord chart G major

Key of C (Guitar/Easy)

Now if you want less chord changes, this easier version is for you—it would work great for a worship band! Here it is in C major:

come thou fount guitar chord chart C major

Key of D (Guitar/Easy)

And once again, D major:

come thou fount guitar chord chart D major

Key of G (Guitar/Easy)

Finally, G major:

come thou fount guitar chord chart G major

Come Thou Fount Chords PDF Download

Ready to download all 6 of these chord charts? Simply click the button below!

If you only need one out of the 6, just print out that page by itself.

I hope this is helpful!

More Worship Resources

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Come Thou Fount chords are simple and easy to play on piano, guitar, and other instruments. This classic hymn is great for Sunday morning worship or your own personal time of worship with the Lord. I hope you enjoy the chord charts. Please share this post on social media so more people can use them!