Jesus Paid It All Chords: PDF in 5 keys!

Jesus Paid it All chords are easy to play on a variety of instruments. Get ready to worship with these chord charts in 5 different keys, perfect for different vocal ranges. Whether you’re planning an Easter service with Jesus Paid it All or you just want to play it with personal worship, these chord charts are just what you need.

jesus paid it all chords

I like a lot of hymns, but Jesus Paid it All has some of the best lyrics. It doesn’t get much better than the first verse, “I hear the Savior say ‘Thy strength indeed is small. Child of weakness, watch and pray; find in me thine all in all.’ “

This has always been such a great reminder to me of how much I need Jesus, and how he freely offers to strengthen and help us when we abide in Him.

And of course, the melody and chords make the lyrics even more powerful.

Ready to play this hymn? Keep reading for tips and information on different versions of this hymn, or scroll to the bottom for chord charts (on site & PDF).

Jesus Paid it All Chords & Arrangements

There are lots of different chord progressions that can pair with this hymn’s melody. It can be ultra simple, to very advanced!

The arragement I have provided is pretty easy (though not as easy as it could be!) We’ll stick to chords within the key: 1, IV, V, vi, and inversions/slash chords.

The Form

In my arrangement, verses 1, 2, and 4 have exactly the same chords. The only difference is in verse 3. When I play Jesus Paid it All on the piano, I like to do verse 3 a bit quieter, with different chords to change it up.

If you want the chart to be more straightforward for a worship team, you can just repeat the chords from the other verses. But I do find its very pretty how it is written!

Other Versions

There are quite a few other versions of Jesus Paid It All that other musicians have arranged and performed.

For example, the Kristian Stanfill version has a nice added bridge with the words “O praise the one who paid my debt and raised this life up from the dead.”

There is also Jesus Paid it All by Shane and Shane, Worship Circle, and more.

Keep in mind that each of these versions may have different chords & words than provided here. If you’re wanting to play these versions you can look for a chord chart specifically made for them.

Tips for Playing Jesus Paid it All

Playing from a chord chart requires improvisation. Here are some tips for different instruments!

On Piano

For the piano, the easiest way to start is by doing the chord in the right hand and the base note of the chord in the left hand. But that is seriously just the beginning! You can also do a pattern of the chord root, chord 5th, and root again in the left hand.

You can do fills in the right hand and improvise with scales and inversions. The options are limitless!

On Guitar or Ukulele

There are a variety of strum patterns you can use to play Jesus Paid it All. I recommend listening to some of the versions mentioned above to get a feel for what you like!

Also, here is a tip about slash chords: if you are unfamiliar with slash chords (i.e. D/F#, G/D) remember that you can always simplify it by just playing the chord on the left—D, or G in the above examples. It is easier for guitarists to get away with this because it isn’t quite as noticeable!

Jesus Paid All Chord Charts

Without further ado, let’s get to all the chord charts! You can view each chart online by using the photos below, or download a PDF with all 5 keys (scroll to the bottom to download).

Key of G Major

The first key we have is G major. Jesus Paid it All in G is best if you’re a female with a very low voice or a male with a very high voice. It is not the typical key for this song, but it does work in those cases!

jesus paid it all chords key of G

Key of A Major

I’ve found Jesus Paid it All in A major to be a very comfortable key for females. It’s just slightly low for me (but I’m a soprano). When it gets higher at the chorus, it is very comfortable, not too high at all.

jesus paid it all chords key of A

Key of B Major

B Major is great if you’re used to doing Jesus Paid it All in C major but you want it just ever so slightly lower. The chords are a little more tricky in this one, so just look out for that.

jesus paid it all chords key of B

Key of C Major

A classic key for Jesus Paid it All is C major! It is a pretty good key for both male and female voices. It only gets high if you do the “O Praise the One” bridge by Kristian Stanfill. 😉

jesus paid it all chords key of C

Key of D Major

D major is a little high to do this song, but it is very close to the original hymn key of Db major!

jesus paid it all chords key of D

Download Jesus Paid it All Chords PDF

Ready to print out these chord charts to use for personal worship or Sunday service?

Just click the button below and you’ll get a PDF with the charts in all 5 keys. I hope this is helpful!

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Jesus Paid it All chords are easy to play on piano, guitar, or other instruments! This is a great hymn to incorporate on Easter or Good Friday. I pray that these chord charts help you draw near to your savior, whether you use them for the congregation or personal worship!